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The technology in this demo involves Apache servers. I highly encourage reading this brief guide on setting up such servers.

Let’s say you own a business, more specifically a laundromat, and you wish to offer pick-up and drop-off services. In addition, you contemplate delivery services. “It’s like Uber, but for laundry… I’m gonna be rich!” you exclaim.

But how? Should it be an app? Customers may not want to download something over 120 MB to their phones. Instead, a contact form on your web page might seem more practical.

But you realize there are multiple scenarios of customer service:


What is Apache?

In order to deliver the content of any web page, there must be a connection between the client and the server. But this connection must be continuous, and all that storage and security of data requires maintenance.

Luckily, Apache is a free and open-source software popular for handling data on HTML pages (with a dash of JavaScript if so desired).

Where Can I Download It?

Go to to

Click on Support Tab on top of page.

Under the header “Read the documentation” click on “the documentation

Scroll down and click on Installation for options based on your computer’s operating system. …

Demonstration of the clipboard on my YouTube channel.

We designate the <div> as belonging to the “dropdown” class.

The <button> element belongs to the “dropbtn” class, labelled “Email Templates” for human eyes.

Then, we have a <div> of “dropdown-content”, which contains 2 types of <a> elements:

(1) Headings(ie, General Response, Billing / Sales, and Tier 2 IT Support).

(2) The <input> text fields, which are listed under their respective headings.

Each <input> element calls the document object and its method of displaying the copied texts.

<div class="dropdown">
<button class="dropbtn">Email Templates</button>
<div class="dropdown-content">
<a> General Response </a>

Demonstration of the money counter on my YouTube channel.

We will first designate our div as belonging class “bills.”

Then, within that div is our fieldset tag, as well as our legend tag entitled “Total Amount.”

And finally, within all of that is our table element.

<div class="bills"><fieldset>
<legend>Total Amount</legend>


For each bill type, the 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 50’s, 100, and Total button, these will each have a <td> element, or Table Data element, which will show up as a cell containing the dollar amount.

So, we have 7 table data elements.

6 for each…


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